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Secure Parking Coupons Vouchers 2021-50% Off

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Secure Parking Coupons  & Secure Parking Vouchers 2021-50% Off

Secure Parking coupons are the best Parking platform to park your car safely. It is available in all the cities of Australia and is known for the best prices and offers with giving. It’s the best worth for value. Their offers are for early birds, short-time parking, long time parking, and for the ones who would like to keep the car overnight to enjoy the City fun. See the below Secure Parking Coupons Vouchers 2020-50% Off.

Secure Parking Coupons&Vouchers

Secure Parking Coupons&Voucher

SecureParking-Melbourne Offer

SecureParking-Melbourne Offer

SecureParking-Melbourne Offer


Melbourne CBD, Melbourne East, Melbourne West, North Melbourne, St Kilda Road, Dandenong, South Yarra

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SecureParking-Offer Docklands

SecureParking-Offer Docklands

SecureParking-Offer Docklands

save up to 50% Melbourne Star Observation Wheel, Docklands precinct

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SecureParking-Over Night & Hotel Parking

Stay stress-free for your car parking

SecureParking-Over Night & Hotel Parking

SecureParking-Over Night & Hotel Parking

 Sign up to Club Secure for free and get 50% off night or weekend parking

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SecureParking-Footy lovers

Love the Game and want to stay till the end!

SecureParking-Footy lovers, Secure Parking Coupons  & Secure Parking Vouchers

SecureParking-Footy lovers

International Rugby
State of Origin
Melbourne Victory HYUNDAI A-League
AFL-Melbourne, North Melbourne, St Kilda, Essendon, Carlton, Hawthorn, Richmond and Collingwood games

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Secure Parking Coupons  & Secure Parking Vouchers -50% Off

Melbourne Cricket Ground Parking Deals/Vouchers

Marvel Stadium Games/Event/ Parking


Secure Parking Coupons  & Secure Parking Vouchers

SecureParking Solutions

Secure Parking Coupons  & Secure Parking Vouchers 50% Off


Book Online Now!

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Auckland
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Canberra
  • and the Gold Coast

Book Online Now! Sydney-Melbourne- Brisbane-Auckland-Perth-Adelaide-Canberra and the Gold Coast

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[button link=”https://www.secureparking.com.au/en-au/parking-solutions/club-secure” size=”large” text_color=”#dd1616″ color=”orange”]SECUREPARKING solutions [/button]

Secure Parking Coupons, Secure Parking Vouchers


Secure Car Park in Melbourne – Save Time on Pre-Booking

Casual, Early Bird, Weekend and Evening Parking Available. Book Now! Pre-Book 45-Days Ahead. Book Online & Save. Cheap Weekend Parking. Services: Early Bird Parking, Weekly Early Bird Parking, Evening Parking, Weekend Parking, Monthly Parking available.

FAQ’s to help Secure Parking customers get the most from parking with us

At Secure Parking we value our customers and want you to find the answers to all your parking questions quickly and easily.

With this aim in mind we have complied all of your questions into a single help section where you can search for helpful articles.

And here are some quick links to our current Top 10 FAQ’s

  1. How-to contact us your can fill out this form
  2. How-to cancel a current booking
  3. How-to change the date or time of a online parking booking with Secure-a-Spot
  4. How to get a receipt for parking that was booked online
  5. What to do if about a lost ticket
  6. What happens if you stay longer than the time you booked
  7. Need to understand Early Bird Parking conditions
  8. Can you go in and out of the car park multiple times when booked online
  9. About refunds
  10. What to do if the car park is full

Why should you park in a secure car park?

Whenever possible, leave your car in a secure car park. This will help deter thieves.

How does secure a spot parking work?

Booking means the booking of a parking bay at a Secure Parking car park that you request through the Secure-a-Spot Service; and we accept by issuing you an Access PIN and Booking Confirmation. Booking Fee means the fee (if any) payable by you to us for the cost of administering your Booking.

If you want to contact us urgently you can use either of the below phone numbers depending on where you are located:

How do you secure a car park?

There are a number of applications that keep a residential or commercial car park secure including CCTV Solutions, Access Restriction Fobs and Concrete Barrier Blocks. One of the best and most obvious ways to ensure that a car park is protected is to invest in CCTV as it comes with a number of benefits.

Australia 1300 727 483 New Zealand 09 379 9481

What is secure a spot?

Welcome to Secure-a-Spot

An advance booking with Secure-a-Spot means guaranteed parking in the CBD at a much cheaper rate. … If you need to park in the CBD for work, but don’t want the long-term commitment of Monthly Parking, you can even use Secure-a-Spot to book Early Bird Parking at selected car parks.

When parking and leaving your car you should?

When parking and leaving your vehicle you should never leave the engine running. Take any visible items with you or hide them. Use a steering lock or handlebar lock and an immobiliser and alarm. Have a security-coded radio installed to deter theft.

Where is the safest place to park your car at night?

Explanation: If you have a garage, use it. Your vehicle is less likely to be a victim of car crime if it’s in a garage. Also, in winter, the windows will be kept free from ice and snow.

Can you leave your car overnight in a parking lot?

If you find a sign that prohibits parking overnight or for a number of days, then don’t park there. You can ask the owner of the lot if you can park there. Permission means its less likely to be towed. For the most part, municipal lots do not allow overnight parking.

When should you stop car?

When you’re coming up to a junction or a set of traffic lights, you should have plenty of time to stop your car safely. If you stay aware of what’s happening around youyou‘ll have enough time to take your foot off the accelerator, before braking gradually.

What will reduce fuel consumption?

13 Tips to Reduce Fuel Consumption
  • Drive only when needed. …
  • Make sure the gas cap is on tight. …
  • Avoid idling. …
  • Accelerate and break steadily. …
  • Drive the speed limit. …
  • Coast when possible. …
  • Use cruise control on the highways. …
  • Make your car more aerodynamic.

When parking and leaving your car for a few minutes you should?

Explanation: Always switch off the engine, remove the key and lock your car, even if you’re only leaving it for a few minutes

When was Secure Parking established?

Secure Parking was established in 1979 and since that time we have identified an opportunity to develop a fresh and more relevant approach to car parking that benefits all types of parking customers. In December 2016 Secure was acquired by Park24 – one of the largest parking operators in the world.

Our vision

is to be the leader in the markets we operate – as judged by the customers we serve and this is grounded in our commitment to provide a seamless experience across every step of the customer journey.

We offer

a wide range of user-friendly parking facilities in all major Australian cities including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide as well as New Zealand. We strive to continually provide the highest levels of customer service at every location, ensuring every experience you have with Secure Parking is a great one. Achieving this has been one of the key factors in making Secure Parking the largest car park operator in Australia.

With more than 600 Secure Parking

car parks throughout Australia and New Zealand and an innovative range of parking products to choose from, Secure Parking has a convenient parking solution for you.


specifically, to suit each customer’s unique parking habits, Secure Parking’s suite of parking products include Monthly Parking, Early Bird Parking, Club Secure, Advantage Parker, and Secure-a-Spot pre-booked online parking.


Park24 began to manage parking sites after the opening of its first 24-hour unmanned short-term parking facility in Ueno under the Times brand.

Computerised parking

site management via the Times Online Network and Information Centre (TONIC), which was introduced in 2003, became a catalyst for rapid growth and subsequent success.

Using the rich data collected to inform its business strategies, Park24 has been able to maintain its position as Japan’s leading parking service company in terms of market share. In 2009, Park24 expanded into car rental and car sharing services. These services, together with parking sites, are networked on-line allowing Park24 to enhance its existing services and create new services.

The Park24 Group

aims to help achieve a comfortable motoring society, they seek to contribute to the sustainable development of a motoring society, boosting understanding with our customers, and helping to create new, environmentally enhancing, comfortable mobility services. Aiming to become an indispensable entity in the motoring society, they are determined to meet the expectations of all stakeholders. Secure Parking Vouchers


  • Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange, valued at over A$6 billion.
  • Over 20,000 car parks comprising over 1.2 million bays. 7,000 employees across Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Key services include car park operation, car rental and car sharing services.

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